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Research Articles on the Environmental Impact of Various Materials

Writing Sample - Polyester Article.pdf

The Link Between Polyester and Microplastics


Could Hemp Become the Cotton of the Future?


Bamboo for the People and Planet

Writing Sample - Wool Garments.pdf

How Consumers Influence the Environmental Impact of Wool

Blogs for an Ethical and Sustainable E-Commerce Startup

Writing Sample - Water Conservation Fashion Brands.pdf

8 Sustainable Fashion Brands Conserving Water

Writing Sample - Stay in the Loop of Closed-Loop Brands.pdf

Stay in the Loop of Closed-Loop Brands

Writing Sample - 6 Brands Committed to Protecting Our Oceans.pdf

6 Brands Committed to Protecting Our Oceans

Editing/Proofreading Samples

Technical Writing Sample.pdf

Technical Proposal for Tidal Energy Project

Writing Sample - Human Rights Opinion Essay.pdf

Human Rights Essay for Newspaper Opinion Column

Writing Sample - Mock NYT Article.pdf

Mock NYT Article for 'GoodHuman' Startup

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